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Design Support
Design Service
Design matching with technology is one of the most important factors to reduce turn around time and get good yield. Digital (high density logic) design is easier than analog & power design because it is computerized, industry standardized, open tool and vertically divided. Analog & power design requires more designer friendly human interface because it is designer-dependent, customized, closed tool and vertically integrated. MagnaChip has specialized in designer friendly interface providing good design matching with technology. This is one of the MagnaChip's most valued strength in analog & power technology foundry.
Design Support 이미지
Standard Cell / IO &
Memory Compiler
  • · High density & low power Library
  • · Silicon-proven ESD IO set
  • · SRAM / ROM Compiler
  • · Reference design flow
Analog, Power &
Embedded memory
  • · Analog & Power IP
  • · Embedded memory such as
    EEPROM, MTP, eFuse, and LOTP IP
  • · Automotive IP set
  • · Reference design flow
  • · >170 technologies
  • · 0.5um ~ 0.11um coverage
  • · Mixed signal, BCD, NVM,
    HV, RF SOI, automotive, etc.
PDK set
  • · Process customization with
    Modular PDK set
  • · SOA (safe operating area) &
    Macro model
  • · Cadence, Mentor, Synopsys
    Design Environment