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DC-DC Converters MAP7102WCRH
The MAP7102 is designed to support positive / negative driven TFT-LCD panels. The two output rails are usually connected to the Source Driver IC.
  • · SIMO(Single-Inductor Multiple output) regulator Technology
  • · 2.5V to 5.5V Input Voltage Range
  • · Programmable Output Voltages
  • · Positive Output Voltage Range : 4.0V to 5.7V (0.1V Step )
  • · Negative Output Voltage Range : -4.0V to -5.7V(0.1V Step )
  • · Short Circuit Protection
  • · Thermal Shutdown Protection
  • · WLCSP 1.55mmx 2.15mm 15-Ball Package
Reference Schematic
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  • · TFT LCD Smartphones
  • · TFT LCD Tablets
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